First Days Story Project

StoryCorps is coming to Seattle at the end of February to record the stories of Vietnamese Americans in our community – its part of their First Days Story Project, leading up to the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. 

Right now StoryCorps is recruiting interview participants, the format is simple: a 40-minute uninterrupted conversation with a family member or friend, with questions/prompts provided by a StoryCorps facilitator as needed. This is a great opportunity for intergenerational conversations, shared memories, questions you’ve always wanted to ask, stories you want to pass on – and so on!

Dates are February 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2015 (Thursday – Saturday). There are six interview slots each day. Please contact Tran Vu if you have questions or would like to sign up: / 617-300-5963.

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